Frequently Asked Questions

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A number of our customers have specific questions about our different services. Listed below are most frequently asked questions we receive. We hope they provide that information you need as quick as possible. For further questions, kindly call our help lines.

Our prices & rates are very affordable and very competitive. We deliver great value and service for a considerable fee. Our prices are based on the size and type of residence or facility. We have a detailed price list under each of the service types.

Our hours of operation is all through the week, Monday to Saturday. We have time slots of 2hrs from 8am to 6pm. That is: 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm and 4pm-6pm. Each booking and job is executed within the 2 hour period.

GG’s Foundation Cleaning Service is an outstanding cleaning service with great qualities. We can guarantee the cleaning of your house the very way you want it. It will be done professionally. We have very affordable and competitive rates with great service delivery. We can easily fit into your budget. We are fully insured. That means in the event of any mishap, your properties are covered.

Doing business with us is indirectly reaching out to the kids at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School, Richmond, Texas. 10% of our proceeds is donated to them.

We have scores of talented, skilled and dedicated workers working with us in different departments. We have adequate workers for each team dispatched on duty depending on the nature and scale of the job. Our workers are constantly trained and retrained on current techniques and methodologies needed to do their jobs excellently.

We deploy very unique cleaning agents in our cleaning. They are biodegradable cleaning agents with no content of inorganic chemicals. They are way more healthy and health-hazard free. They are particularly suitable for people who are asthmatic or find chemicals like chlorine repugnant.

GG’s Foundation Cleaning Service started operation in 2018. We are however run and managed by individuals with at least 5 years of experience. We guarantee you a great service because this is what we know how to do.

We enjoy a high customer rate. This is because of people’s faith in our service. We deliver on our promises and are consistent. We are however very organized with adequate resources to even accommodate more customers.

We are 100% insured. Every aspect of our operation is insured. During cleaning, all items in the premises is insured in the event of any unforeseen circumstance. Other form of insurance including against events as bodily injury to the client during cleaning is also in place. However, all terms and conditions apply.

We will be having services outlets all across the city. At the moment we are starting out with our office in Richmond, Texas. The address is found on the contact page of this website.

We do have different packages for each of our cleaning services. Click on each of these services for more details.

We have a fairly busy schedule. We cater for clients within the Richmond area and its surroundings.

In case of an emergency,  kindly call the customer service number. They are displayed on the contacts page of the website. We will promptly attend to any issue(s) using the right personnel, resources and/or authority.

Our service is unique because we are a unique company. We deliver our solutions promptly, professional and we go the extra mile to have our clients satisfied. We handle our clients uniquely depending on their particular needs.

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