GG’s Foundation Cleaning Services

GG’s Foundation Cleaning Services is a comprehensive cleaning services. We offer professional residential and commercial cleaning services.

We have experience handling cleaning tasks of different nature and scale. We guarantee our clients of leaving them satisfied.

Our Core Values are Trust, Happiness, Courtesy, Confidentiality and Satisfaction.

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    Lets have an idea of what you want. Fill up the free estimate form providing your name, service and contact details. You can opt out of a callback if you don't want us to. You can alternatively get an estimate over the phone (or email) by calling our contact numbers. A representative will provide you with all the information you need (including the respective cost) and what to do subsequently.

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    After confirming the cost of your service, you can then go ahead and book a date/time spot on our scheduling system. Resources are then earmarked for the job. On the day and time, our prompt professionals will be around to carry out their duties satisfactorily.

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    We Clean

    With bio-degradable cleaning agents, our well-trained and experienced professionals carry out deep cleaning of your residence or facility to your best satisfaction. We literally transform your place and give it a brand new look.

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    You Relax & Chill

    Our professionals maintain courteous relationship with our clients while carrying out their duties. All you need to do is relax, chill and watch your place transform into brand new in no time. We leave our clients satisfied, giving us great reviews.

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    Give Us Your Feedback

    Your feedback is very important to us. Leave us a review online or talk to someone about us. You can also leave a comment on the website. If you need any form of response from us, we will promptly do so. We appreciate every business from our clients.

Our Charity


GG’s foundational cleaning services was established in loving memory of Godsgift “GG” Aromolaram. He passed on the 2nd of June 2018 . He was a student of Stephen F. Austin Elementary School. In appreciation of show of support by his school at the time of his passing, 10% of the proceeds of GG’s foundational cleaning services is donated to Stephen F. Austin Elementary School at the end of each fiscal year. Donations are made after the June 2nd holiday set aside by Fort Bend County in honor of “GG”.

Donations of cleaning materials are also welcomed. Materials can include: Cleaning bucket (with 2 dividers), Disinfectant cleaner, Glass cleaner, Soap scum remover, Chemical trigger sprayers, 3M light duty scrub pads and holder, Microfiber scrub pads, Toothbrushes, Mini grout brush, Plastic scrapers, Cleaning apron, Color-coded microfiber cloths, Microfiber heavy-duty waffle cloths, Microfiber damp dusting cloths, Premium microfiber glass cloths, Toilet bowl brush, Powder Bon-Ami, Pumice stone stick, Vacuum cleaner for carpets, Vacuum cleaner for hard floors, Microfiber mop, Microfiber wet mop pads, Microfiber dust mop pads, Ph neutral floor cleaner, Microfiber short duster, Microfiber long duster, Microfiber dust mitt, Knee pads, Laundry bags, Shoe covers, Disposable nitrile cleaning gloves etc.

Want to get that cleaning done professionally? Wait no further.