Maid Services

Offering everything from basic house cleaning maid service to deep house cleaning maid service, we will clean your house from top to bottom. Whether your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, or your entire home is in need of a professional-maid service, we will take care of it today. If you like, we’ll even wash your laundry and do your dishes for you!
Our House Cleaning Maid Service Includes the following:

In The Kitchen…
We clean all cabinets and appliances. We move your small appliances and other items on your counter and clean the counter area. We clean the tops of all items and replace them where we found them. We scour your sink and sweep and thoroughly mop your floor!

In Your Bathrooms…
We clean showers, tubs, toilet and sinks. We clean and disinfect all fixtures. We clean your mirrors and the shower door tracks. We move most vanity items and clean your counter areas. We clean the tops of vanity items and replace them. We clean your bathroom cabinets and floors.

In All Rooms…
We change the linens and make the beds.We clean wall decorations, picture frames, light switches, doors and door trim. We dust, clean and/or polish all furniture and all decorative items. We sweep, mop and vacuum all floors.

Deep Cleaning Maid Services….
Includes everything in the basic cleaning plus cleaning the blinds, base boards, window sills, ceiling fans, and other high dusting
Carpet Steam Cleaning Service Also Available

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Price Rates

There is a 10% discount on all prices below!


# Of Bedrooms and BathsBasic Cleaning Maid ServiceDeep Cleaning Maid Service
1 BR - 1 Ba. $112 $160
2 BR - 1-2 Ba. $122 $178
3BR - 1-2 Ba. $148 $196
Inside Oven and Refridgerator$30 ea.
Mold/Mildew Treatment$35 per bath/shower
Hard Water Stain Treatment $50 per bath/shower
Odour Eliminator Treatment$20 per room (good for pet and smoke smell)
Spot & Stain Removal Carpet and Rugs$15 each(spot and stain removal only)
Carpet Steam Cleaning Service $50/Room(3 Room $120 minimum)

House & Townhouse

# Of Bedrooms and BathsBasic Cleaning Maid ServiceDeep Cleaning Maid Service
2 BR -1-2 Ba. $134$164
3BR - 1-2 Ba.$144$174
4 BR -1-2 Ba.$154 $184
5 BR - 1-2 Ba.$164$194
Additional Full Bath$25$25
Additional Half Bath$20$20
Mold/ Mildew Treatment $35 per bath/shower
Hard Water Stain Treatment$50 per bath/shower
Odor Eliminator Treatment $20 per room(good for pet and smoke smell)
Spot and Stain Removal Carpet & Rugs $15 ea.(spot and stain removal only)
Inside Oven and Refridgerator$30 ea.$20
Laundry $15 per load
$30 per load (with ironing)
Dishes $5 per load$5 per load
Emergency / After-School$20$20
Carpet Steam Cleaning Service $50/Room(3 room $120 minimum)

Additional Information


  • Weekly contract customers have 30% off regular prices
  • Bi-weekly contract customers have 20% off regular prices
  • These rates are for up to 3000 sq.ft. Homes larger than 3000 sq.ft will be charged $10 more for every 100 sq.ft.
  • In extreme conditions or if we have to pick up a lot of trash prior to cleaning additional fees may apply.

Our Cancellation Policy

  • All payments are processed at booking before scheduled service date. We have a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee,
    which means if for some reason you are not happy with the service , we come back out and fix it at no additional cost.
    ALL cancellations MUST be made at LEAST 48 hours before the scheduled service day.
  • Appointments canceled a day before scheduled day will be charged 50% of the full cost (some exceptions apply).
  • Same-day cancellations are subject to pay FULL amount of service. Failure to pay will result in discontinuation of the service (some exceptions apply).
  • Weekly customers who cancel before 48 hours of their scheduled service day will be charged the bi-weekly rate on the next service.
  • Bi-weekly customers who cancel 48 hours before their scheduled service day will be charged the tri-weekly rate after 1 week.
  • For customers who cancel service for 2 consecutive weeks, the monthly or deep clean rate will apply.

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