Our Course Packages

We have different packages for our BLS and HS programs.

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Our Basic package applies to the general individual. The price is for each individual.

  • BLS ($45)
  • Heart Savers ($65) 

Group of 10

Our Group-of-10 package can be for different group of individuals. This could be people from workplaces, schools, churches, mosques, hotels/restaurant staff, community organization etc.

  • BLS ($35 per individual)
  • Heart Savers ($45 per individual) 


Our School package caters to elementary and high school students. The minimum number of students allowed for a group is 40 while the maximum is 60.

  • BLS ($35 per student)
  • Heart Savers ($40 per student) 


Our Church package is primarily for members of a church congregation. The minimum number of people allowed in a group is 20 while the maximum is 40.

  • BLS ($30 per individual)
  • Heart Savers ($40 per individual) 

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